Pictures not available in Gallery from micro SD card

Hi all.

I have installed a micro SD card in my FP3.
In File Manager, card is present and I can create folders.
I have defined a folder in Open Camera where to save pictures.
In File Manager, I can see pictures and open them to see them on screen.
In Gallery App, I see white squares. Pictures seem to have their place but I cannot see the thumbnail neither open it on the screen.
I have checked that storage is activated in authorizations of Gallery App.
It doesn’t work.

Any idea ?

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That’s right. For that you.need a better app like simpleGallery ftom f-droid


Thanks for answer. I will check it !

It works with Simple Gallery Pro from F-Droïd. Nice. Thanks a lot.
I had now to install 2 apps (Simple Gallery & Open Camera) cause those in the OS were not OK and crashe with some features.

Early days, I guess.
For reference …

… which supposedly relates to …

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Yep, I have installed de last release /e/OS 0.9-2020051454091 and that problem is still present.
Thanks for links :slight_smile:

“WTF” category.

I found this topic because my default Gallery app (I’m using an FP3+ on /e/OS 1.0) wouldn’t show my photos that (all of them) I had moved manually to the SD card. In fact the gallery wasn’t showing anything anymore. I might be to blame, I had deleted an odd file in the DCIM (not sure anymore whether on internal storage or SD card) folder earlier today.

I tried this and that (emptying gallery app cache and data, the same for media storage) to no avail. Gallery stayed all empty. So I resorted to installing and setting up (grant access to the DCIM folders on both the internal storage and the SD card) Simple Gallery. Simple Gallery displayed everything instantly.

The odd thing? Seconds later, when I had a look into the default Gallery app, it showed everything again, too :flushed: It’s as if Simple Gallery settings affected the default Gallery as well. I even checked if the default Gallery was a fork of Simple Gallery, but it is not.

Anyway, I thought I’d mention this in case someone else runs into the problem in the future again.

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