Pie Version K9 Update Problems

I have Redmi Note 4 MIDO.
I m stuck at Pie,0.23 version. I m not getting version 1.0.
Now I have built in K 9 mail application. There is a new update of K9 available.
So what to do. Built in K9 Mail application doesn’t show update but in Store there is an update.
Should I uninstall built K9 mail and re install from Store !

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The built-in Mail app is based on / is a fork of K9. It has a different package nane. You cannot easily uninstall the Mail app nor disable it (would require adb and a PC). Maybe search the forum for disabling or uninstalling default apps. You can of course just install K9 and use it. Shouldn’t conflict but don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile:


It definitely does not conflict (and you can quote me on that :slight_smile: ) You can run both apps side-by-side if you want to, or just disable sync (or delete all accounts) in the built-in app, and just use K-9


Thanks, You too have given me the solution.

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