Plan your whatsapp exit plan now if you haven't already done so

Wtf :face_vomiting:


I don’t understand why people are using WhatsApp


In my case, all my family and friends use it.
I’m testing an alternative running a self hosted Matrix Synapse server with a bot called mautrix-whatsapp that communicates with Whats App via Riot.
So far, I still have Whats App installed on my phone but I’ll make a AVD (Android Virtual Device) in a personal laptop which stays only at home.
I gave up trying to convince people to quit Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, Google…so I had to work around it :slight_smile:


Maybe this will…

damn :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let us know how you get on with this though, would be good for those you just can’t give up the whatsapp crackpipe.


For now, with Whats App installed all is working well.
Maybe I’ll have some news next week.
I’ll keep you posted.

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My plan is to use a mix of apps to replace WhatsApp.

First of all Jami. It’s great, it needs a bit polish though.

Also Riot/Matrix, Signal, Tox or Xmpp with Omemo are quite good, none of them perfect unfortunately.

Because everybody else uses it.

No, there are thousend of people which won’t share his/hers personal data with Facebook. They are using alternatives ir the securest way: face to face conversion like before smartphones are available. :wink:


Actually this is the problem with a number of these data leaking apps…I have 70-80 year old relatives who are very active on Whatsapp! It is a free world - what more can I say.


If you only do face 2 face, you don’t need a phone at all.

That’s a bad answer, or do you using whatsapp with service people, doctors, and, and and.
I’m talking or with my friends and family or i’m calling them like in good old times. So no need for whatsapp.

But anyway, the most important point is: why using a phone OS which protect you for data collection, but using a app which collecets data as hell and sh…it on your privacy.


Because there’s no fucking way to do without it.

Wish you a good day.

It’s great that you care SO MUCH about privacy. But I think you should try to understand that people are different, have other things to do in life, are less technically-inclined than you are, have more mainstream friends or family etc.

It’s great and useful to give suggestions.

It’s not always nice when you judge people who make or have to make different choices.


I never want judge someone. Everyone is different and should be different.

All I can do is point out problems. Everyone has to decide for himself.

I just can’t understand why I use a googlefree OS if I don’t care about privacy. I’m sorry, but then I can stay with any other custom rom and don’t have to use e.

The only thing I want do is the open others the eyes for problems. I know a lot of people which where swapped to telegram or signal after I have told them what Whatsapp is doing.

Since I may have learned a little more here and there, I feel it is a task to enlighten other people.

See me as an “eye opener” :wink:


:+1: :ok_hand:

I think you said that for us all, to educate the less knowledgeable about the dangers of creepy google and terrible whatsapp!

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My eyes are open, and I totally hate Zuck, but if for every ten of my contacts who use WhatsApp one at most uses Telegram (and one in a hundred uses Signal), there’s not much I can do.

I also think Jami is an interesting project, but who’s using it?

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That’s the worst, there are to much different messengers. Since a very long time I’m hoping that there will be one app for all messengers. … but I fear, his dream will never come true :triumph: