Pocophone & Pie

Pl create logs for these issue and attach in the Gitlab. That is the only way to identify where these issues are coming from. Not seeing them in other devices so will need the logs here.

@Eelo, your problems with receiving/sending SMS I did not experience in the way you described it. I wonder if you tried already a different SMS app, just to veryfy if this would esolved the problem or not.
If you don’t mind could you please install "“Silence” from the AppsStore and test?

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Today, I observed some hickups with /e/ 0.8/Pie on Pocophone. I reported that in the buck tracker. Not sure, whether this is similar to the behavior that occurred to you, but I thought I just share them with you: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1190

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For me, the problems with sms and with freezes and unintentional menu dropping, etc. started right after installing pie.

I tried several sms apps (signal, qsms, pulse) to see if it would solve the problem: it did not. I did not try the Silence app yet. So I’ll give it a try too.

I’ll try and create a logfile. Those freezes and weird touch problems occur all the time. It’s getting to a point where I just want to go back to oreo, cuz this is just not usable anymore.

I don t face the glitches with this no gravity kernel you can find here, i’m using the latest version of it, 1.4.0. All you need to do is download the zip, boot in recovery and press install in twrp and flash the downloaded kernel.zip hope that works for you until the /e/-team solves it :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ll try and create a logfile first. Then I’ll try the kernel u posted.


@ralxx I tested texting with silence. I can now send sms messages, but I can not receive them. I tested it with 2 different numbers and providers.

Next to that, when i try to import the text database from the default sms app, the Silence app crashes.

Yes please, and share your experience then.

@ralxx I made a topic with logfile on gitlab https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1201

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So I have installed that kernel u mentioned. I must say, it helped a lot. A lot of the screen glitches disappeared. I still have drop down menu’s that out of nothing just come down while using the phone and incidental screen freezes. But it’s a big difference then before the current kernel.

I’ll make a new logfile when I have that drop down menu glitch, I’ll post that on the gitlab topic.

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I still have the problem that I cannot receive sms messages. So far I have tried:

the default /e/ msg app–> could not send or receive, qsms–> same as default
Signal–>same as default,
silence–> could send sms but not receive

Just a little update from me: I’m experiencing more and more glitches again. More screen freezes and more drop down menu’s dropping down. I’m getting to point where I’m considering going back to Android 8 again. I’m just getting more and more annoyed when using my phone and that’s just not right.

@Manoj can u tell me if I want to go back from pie to oreo, if I have to install default is first again? And do u happen to know which version that is?

The return to Oreo is definitely not recommended. On most Xiaomi devices it can create issues.
@ralxx are you also facing these issues on the Poco with the latest builds?

Hmm, that’s a pity. So should I go back to default os and then reflash /e/ on pie again?

Do u think that certain screen issues I am facing, can be caused by a screenprotector aswell?

No, I don’t. For me everything works well.

I’m afraid that would be the best. Don’t know how you proceeded before moving to Pie. But the best with Xiaomi is to flash first on offical MIUI-ROM to your phone and once this is done, reflash with /e/. (Make sure that the official MIUI is a Global or a Chinese ROM - and it needs to be an Android-version below or equal to the /e/OS that you plan to flash - so download MIUI Oreo or even better MIUI Pie when you plan flash /e/OS Pie then).
To get a MIUI ROM for your phone, a good place to look is here: https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/

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For moving back to Oreo you have to proceed the same way btw. But I am not sure if /e/OS Oreo is still updated for Pocophone.

I recently flashed another Pocophone from Miui11/Android to /e/OS (Pie) and I have forgotten to to proceed as I described above. My phone was working well, except for some strange issues. Like mp3 files did not play at all or with huge delay and for a moment I was thinking the phone is damaged. But the strange way of behaviour seems to be never the same. So what you describe with SMS reception could very well be an issue related to a not proper up or downgrade.
My advice: Reflash your phone.


Well I’ll try to flash miui pie first, then check if sms works, if it does I’ll reflash /e/ back on. If sms doesn’t work I’ll try to go back to oreo. I’ll let u guys know how it goes. Thank for answering so fast!

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OK, so i flashed back to miui 10 first, but the /e/ rom did not take it, so i flashed miui 9.6.27 back on. I tested if sms worked and if calls worked. Both worked on miui 10 and miui 9.6.27. So then i flashed /e/ pie on the phone. Now, problems only got worse: i cant get wifi on, my laptop cant see the phone anymore when i connect it with cable. So i have to put it in TWRP to be able to connect it to my laptop. Next to that i cant receive sms messages. @ralxx

BTW after i noticed these problems, i flashed on the no gravity kernel, but the problems remained.