[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?



Sony XZ1 compact and
Sony XZ2 compact
in order to support as well a different form factor (small size phones).


HTC U11 would be nice for me :wink:


i also second the rugged device option, Cat phone or BlackView looks pretty popular in the category.
i’m available to beta-test if you need


It would be great if mi 6x (wayne) could be supported too


@gael @Manoj
My reflection of the day,
Must support many phones or focus on a reduced choice but quality with entry / midrange / high end.

Many phones would reach many users, but for that it should focus on the best-selling models but the time and costs for development would be greater too.


Support a smaller range but with only phones very well known to the public and with significant sales.
(for example: 2 models for each range level).

The goal is to reach as many people as possible, both methods allow it, but the first method requires more resources.

Then to attract the public, it is necessary that the installation of the ROM is simplified. This sounds simple for people registered on the community but much less for other users. Fastboot, adb, bootloader, it scares …


BQ Aquaris X would be great


Had to learn all this too. Started in August 2018; at that time I knew nothing about mobile phones (the touch-screen didn’t react to my finger and that was only six months ago). I’m very curious about what model will be shipped with /e/ or eel installed on it, that’s what the public needs.


I am more and more curious about this project and the phones that could be marketed.

At the moment, I see the pocofone F1 which is a very good model, I hesitate to wait for a model sold by / e / and this phone.

The manipulations to install the rom / e / will scare the curious but not passionate people and very interested in this project as you can be from what I could read.

But it is the curious who 'll talk about the project, the simpler the procedure, the more people 'll try.


IMHO /e/ must be seen so the phones gotta be afordable. 50% low range, 25% to 35% midrange and the rest high range cause , lets face it, many people may want to ‘feel’ it before change the dependency of G@@gl* and get a second option.

I know the people may want a more secure and “inteligent” device, but the people doesn’t want to spent a lot of money in “fell the experience” and the project gotta develope the tools need to import the important data form G@@gl* account to /e/ flawlesly.

/e/ musn’t be a solution ONLY for initiated people and gotta be a cheap-afordable trustfuly one.


There is none compatible model with a screen below 5"

So please vote for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 a3y17lte (4"7)! :fireworks:


This is not entirely true. The nexus 4 (mako) has a screen below 5". It’s 4" 7 too.


Exact! i missed this, thanks.
but still, it’s a 7 years old smartphone, no LTE :sweat_smile:

By the way i can’t find any offer on Amazon (except silly offers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Yeah I know :smile: it’s kind of outdated now


Unihertz Jelly Pro is really small and a really full featured smartphone. I used it daily for a couple of month. If you are a heavy user the battery is very small, but its much better with their 8.1. update.


Wileyfox Swift 2X please, recent/full featured/cheap. Just what we are all looking for


A newer phone line is needed to satisfy users and attract new ones.

Samsung S9, S9 +, Mi Mix 2, Pocofone F1 are good choices

We should add recent phones with strong penetrations on the market
low range, midrange and high range recent phones


Xiaomi Mi8 agree :+1:



it would be great to have /e/ on redmi 4x (santoni)
Great devs work on it (see xda), just waiting /e/ rom !


motorola moto z play, please!
i see that some moto devices are already supported. wouldn’t it be little effort to add this one? i am impatiently wating already since monthes. thx


Using linageos + microg (+ xposed with xprivacy/xprivacylua and fdroid) for years on several phones, I would suggest three best sellers (at least in France):

  • Samsung S5. Official LOS 14, 15 soon 16 available, fully tested with microG for 2 years+
  • Samsung A5 2016. Unofficial LOS 14 and 15, and official 16 nearly available. MicroG fully tested
  • Moto G 2015. Official LOS 14 + microG fully tested for years as well.
    Keep up with the good work, e team!