Pop-up option for /e/ message app

It becomes tedious to check the notification bar or reopen app to respond to messages. Can a pop-up option be added as a semi transparent overlay?

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this should already be the case - messages / qksms uses native notifications that allow a reply (after screen unlock).

If they’re visible depends on your phone mode you’re in. Are you in silent mode constantly?

Native android doesn’t do this

I was suggesting a more compact and transparent version of the above image. Each time I want to read and reply it is two-step process.

1.swipe down notification bar, tap reply,
2. Open message, find contact,

I feel that the first step could be eliminated.

Since most of my texts are live dialogues (ie both parties unlocked and ready to respond). Lock screen replies are not that useful

on the lock screen: if you double-tap notification pop-up on the lock-screen, you can reply in-line (after unlock)

on the notification-drawer, there’s a small option “reply” (antworten) that also enables in-line answering.

It’s opening a reply-line just below the message of your counterparty.