Pre installed refurbished smartphones not availible?

I’m very interested in /e/.

I have tried to buy a pre installed refurbished Galaxy S9.
After adding it to the cart in your online shop and clicking to “Preceed to checkout”, I got the message “…has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased”.
It is marked (in black) as “In stock”
The same for Galaxy S7.

Are there still any pre installed refurbished devices availible?

Hi @wolfbert will have this checked and get back to you.

Thank you Manoj for the quick answer.

I tried again, this time I went one step further.
It was possible to enter my banking data, but then I got the message
“The cart was declined.”

Just got an update stocks should be replenished by tomorrow. You can go ahead and retry after a day.

Okay, thanks.
I’ll do that.

Today I tried again, as you said.
But now all types of S9 (black, blue, purple) are “Out of stock”.

Do wou know, when a S9 will be availible again?

our stock delivery got delayed and should be in tomorrow morning. Apologies for the delay.
Best regards.

Okay, thank you very much.

I tried again, this time it works!
I have placed my order,
Thank you.


Hi there,
I would like to buy a refurbished Galaxy S7 (or S7 Edge) with /e/ from your webstore
but i need a DUAL SIM phone.
Does the S7 in your store supports dual sim ?