Preinstalled FP3+: 3 beginners questions

Hello everybody,

I just received my brand new /e/-FP3+ and I am very happy with it (at the first glance). No more data loss to Google. (And sorry for my poor English).

There are just a couple of somehow annoying issues (I searched through the forum, but I haven’t found the solutions for these troubles):

  1. The phone always says the fingerprint reader is dirty and needs to be cleaned. I did so, but the error message remains. How can I find out if this is a hardware or software-problem? And how solve it?

  2. I have 2 SIM-cards, one from Switzerland and one from France (this is because I live near the border and cross it quite regularly). Unfortunately, I get very regular annoying notification sounds whenever the phone claims there is “no mobile network available” for one of the 2 SIM-cards (which happens very often, even if I switch one network selector to automatic, according to the country I am in). Any idea how I can disable this?

  3. I changed my default notification sound, but it looks as if the (default) mail program does not accept it: the notification sound is different and I haven’t found out how to change it. Any help?

My previous experience with custom ROMs are 2 bricked phones (this is why I bought the preinstalled phone) - and my previous phone ran under Android 5 - so I am somehow lost in all these options. Maybe you can help me?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Dear moderator, if this topic is in the wrong category, don’t hesitate to move it.

I found that it sometimes helps to also clean my finger tip when the FP3 sensor claims to be dirty and needs to be cleaned. Fat and oils on my finger tip seem to cause that problem sometimes, maybe even just moisture.


The default Mail App lets you assign different sounds to different email accounts, so this isn’t managed by the Android settings but by the App itself.
Go to an email account in the App (either the folder list of the account or simply the Inbox will do), then tap the three-dot-menu in the top right corner - Settings - Account settings - Notifications - New mail ringtone.

More or less the same situation here.
Two SIM’s and in-house I only can use one of them as the other has pourly in-house coverage.
I do not receive this notifications when one of the SIM’s looses connection… I’ve double checked my settings but all phone notifications are active. So it looks like our phones have different behaviours…
(I’m on a self installed FP3 though, while you’re not (so you’re using the stable release, and I’m using dev)

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Thank you for the first answers. To sum it up:

clean finger before touching fingerprint sensor

I tried this and this seems to help. I’ll test more tomorrow under “real” conditions.

mail notification sound

Thank you, I found it. :grinning:

2 SIM’s from different countries on manual selection -> connection loss notification

So it should be hidden in the phone app notification settings? Most of them are unchangeable for me… :slightly_frowning_face: it starts annoying me as it beeps several times (the notification always arrives twice) every hour.

This point remains open… Maybe we can compare our notification settings in the phone app?

I have build e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A. 2000805.001 eng.root.20201214.232210 dev-keys,stable-release

Under Apps and Notifications -> Telephone -> Notifications I can not change anything, all options are greyed out.

Globally “show notifications” -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Default -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Entering Calls -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Missed Calls -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Active Calls -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Voicemails Card 1 -> active, grey, cannot be changed
Voicemails Card 2 -> active, grey, cannot be changed

Authorize visual notification -> active, green, can be disabled
Minimal time between notification sounds -> none

:thinking: :cry:

You do use a newer release than I do though.
I have build e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A. 2000805.001

Everything else is the same…