Preinstalled S8 can't update microg services core

Hey there, on my presintalled S8 (e OS 0.16-20210422111919) I can’t update the microg services core.

If I update in aurora Store it says: “Package […] signature do not match previously installed version; ignoring!”

I tried updating it, because I want the german corona warn app to work.

Any hint is greatly appreciated!

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Do not try and update any of the system apps via Aurora Store!
As far as your issue: microG uses the same package name as the Google Play Services core. What your seeing in Aurora Store is the Google stuff, not microG. Don’t forget, Aurora Store is just a front-end to the Play Store.
Though you may find similarly named apps on your system, in Aurora, in F-Droid, they may have different signatures resulting in failures to update sometimes.

Take note of this piece from [HOWTO] Download every app in the Google Play Store thanks to Aurora Store.

Please note that Aurora Store will suggest you in the “Updates” tab to update some system apps (apps you didn’t install yourself, such as MicroG, Magic Earth or Pdf Viewer Plus). Long press on these apps and click on “Add to blacklist” in order not to update them with Aurora Store. They will be updated with /e/OS updates.

Note: This has been covered many times in these forums. Whenever you have an issue, search the forums. You might find the answers you need quicker than waiting for a reply.

EDIT: I do not use nor know anything about Corona Virus apps but maybe see here…
Guide on how to use the Covid 19 tracking framework on /e/OS