Prepare for selling. How to reset a E/OS phone or bring e/OS back to stock android?

I decided to sell my Fairphone 3. Is there a way to prepare to the phone for selling?
I am looking for instructions to reset the e/OS so I will be sure all for personal account are gone.
I am also looking for a way to reset the phone to stock android.

Thank you very much for your help
Have a good weekend!

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Apparently there’s a prompt where you can choose to erase user data in the process, but unlocking or locking the bootloader should take care of that, too (both force a factory reset for security reasons).

If you want to factory reset /e/ OS before installing Fairphone OS … Settings - System - Reset options - Erase all data (factory reset).

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Thank you very much AnotherElk for your lightning fast response :grinning: Hope it will be as smooth as described in the article. Are you familiar with the procedure?
Have a good night.

Nope, I didn’t have to do that yet. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot. You have been very kind and helpful all the time.

I have reset my Fairphone 3 once and stock android. The procedure of Fairphone website has work well - it was easier with Linux than Windows! - Finally, I’m going back to /e/OS after.

Thank you very much Menagex. Yes I was very happy with my Fairphone and e/OS especially. I only have some trouble with the quality of the wifi connection. The reason I am selling it is that for some strange reason this phone had extreme RF radiation values. Like in the hundreds with even spikes up to 1800 mw/m2. Based on my research that is very unhealthy. I discovered these spikes only happen when a SIM card is installed. With only Wifi the phone is completely normal.
Why are you going back to e/OS?

I didn’t know for RF radiations…
I go back because I haven’t parametrise well, and I didin’t want Google listen to me!

I’ve seen the DAS of Fairphone 3 is a bit high compared to other models, but the distance for the mesure (in Europe) is three times more far now (5mm instead of 15 mm). So, DAS has increased automatically.
I’ve discover my old phone (Huawei P8 Lite 2017) with the new distance is a bit worst than my Fairphone.
And I don’t use it often. Thanks eosfan for this information!