Preventing the turning off of the smartphone

I’m using the alarms to remind my parents their drugs when I’m out and about.

But they sometimes turn the smartphone off.

Is there any way to prevent the turning off ?

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Hi @nottolino. Alarms from the system clock app turn on the phone. Don’t find nothing in the settings about this, so I think it’s a standard behaviour.

(Just to clarify, we are not considering the turning off by human hand?)

If this implies that the alarm is actually crashing the OS, the first things to come to mind is the state of charge of the device and / or other apps running. A logcat, Create a log @/e/, might be ideal but may be hard to do in this case.

Difficult to monitor remotely. Your parents might test Battery Bot, which will provide a widget showing battery level; I think you would need paid for Battery Bot Pro to get an alarm (another alarm!) at say 15 or 20% charge level.

I have learned to clear all apps regularly, when required. It has been harder to influence family members to do this in a discriminate way!

Sorry, I haven’t been clear enough. My fault.

It’s just because my parents turn off the device by hard buttons, can’t say if intentionally or not.

The device is woking as expected with /e/, no problems at all.

What I’m looking for is a way that prevent them from turning the device off. I can only suppose a mechanism like a PIN or a sequence to confirm the turning off. Just like the one used to access the phone

In general, what you want isn’t easily doable by the enduser. There are methods but not sure you would want to invest in any of them.

Just do a web search for “android disable power button” to see.

I see. Thanks, @marcdw. It’s going to be too complicate for my skills