Problem activating Triodos app with face camera scan

Hello, this is my first post so hope it is clear and descriptive enough and hope that someone can help me figure out what is going wrong. Please tell me if i have not provided enough details so I can fix this.

My problem is:
I am trying to activate the Triodos NL Banking App on a new Murena Fairphone 3+ device. In order to activate this banking app you need to make a photo of your face (or a series of photos from your face like one directly and perhaps a bit from the side - i don’t remember 100% if you need to rotate the camera around your face a little bit - but i think this is the case and maybe it is important for the problem).

The app presents you with this info screen, you can click next (or take a photo now, smth like that), the next screen loads, you see an oval-shaped place where you are supposed to place your face in, once you do this - it feels like a snap is taken, the phone vibrates a little bit - but - an error message appears and this process stops. The error message says something like “oops something went wrong, would you like to try again ?”.

I tried many many times, I tried also changing various settings in the camera like photo resolution, photo format JPEG → PNG, some kind of additional info (like turn on the GPS EXIF tag - under the assumption that maybe it is comparing the GPS from where the photo is taken to some of my known locations from where I have logged in to the app from my old phone) … and some other things but nothing helped.

The same error happens and I cannot activate the app / go past this screen.
I am hoping that someone has encountered the same or similar problem in the past and could point me to where and how can I fix this. I would be also grateful if someone could help me figure out what could be actually going wrong ~ like what kind of error would this be exactly so we can also report this to the Triodos app developers and maybe they could also be able to fix this.

In any case - many thanks in front :bowing_man: :pray:

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