Problem deleting call-list entries

I want delete specific call-list entries but a phonecall starts.
When I open phone app - open call-list - select number - select details - press trash symbol - delete icon pops up . When I now press th delete icon a call to the contact starts. The call symbol is beyond the delete icon.
My phone is Samsung S7
Is there a solution to delete a call-list entry?

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Could you post a screenshot of the delete icon? I didnt find the ui path you used.

If I scroll the call-history of the dialer for the call-entry to the contact, long-press for a menu and choose the latter delete entry your intent is fullfilled.

What is indeed lacking: using the search within the call-history will not offer to delete the entry by menu, instead giving the contact a call

First, the screenshot made by mobile phone doen’t show the blue bar on top of the screen,
so I made pictures with my camera.
First image shows the screen of the call details with the trash-icon on right top
the sencond image shows the delete button (Löschen) if you press and hold the trash-icon a second. Pressing this delete button starts a call. The phonenumber was deleted by me .
Upload devided in two parts

second part

seems to be a bug on highres screens, the wrong icon.

On a low res screen the symbol in the top bar isn’t shown at all, and the list option to delete is faithful in its function to delete.

thanks for Your answers. Do You initiate a bug report?

I wont file this bug. If you do, make sure to check if the gitlab backlog has the bug already, and which e and android release version you run. I guess there already is a fix, but not in a Q or R branch at Files · v1-q · e / os / android_packages_apps_Dialer · GitLab

To seek out the code that draws the icon probably brings confirmation if it was indeed fixed in higher versions

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