Problem sync'ing contacts

Hi, I have a problem with sync’ing contacts with my nextcloud. The calendar works perfectly and contacts did used to work for a while. Any suggestions what I need to do to get contacts back?

Have you tried to sync manually via
‘accounts’ -> e-address book -> upper right site the 3dots -> Sync now ?

Yup, I have tried that - it says: ‘sync error’ under the account. When I click on the three dots, it says at the bottom ‘sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly’.

If I click on ‘Account Settings’ on the same screen, it shows ‘select collections to synchronize’ but there are no collections showing.

Not sure why this is not sync’ing but the calendar is.

OK, you are using your own (nextcloud) or ?

And under ‘accounts’ -> e is the addressbook activated ?

As I last try, I would prefer to remove the account and add it new.

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, was ill last few days.

Ok, I don’t seem to have it looking like you do. I have the lastest update, but it doesn’t look like this.

I think I would like to just start with a new addressbook - is there a way to create a new one from the existing one because deleting the existing one will result in me loosing all contacts.

Actually it looks like neither my tasks nor contacts are working, so presumably there is some issue with the webdav.

Where are the actual complete contacts/appointments stored, on device or in cloud ?
I would prefer to export both from actual storage (device or cloud) in vcf/vcr files and store them as a backup.

If your cloud is actual the easiest is to remove the e account from your device and add it again, or if you can make a complete start over, wipe everything and flash e again. Than you contacts/appointments should sync with your device.

If your device does have the actual data delete your data in the cloud, import your vcf/vcr files in the cloud apps and than start over on your device with a clean install.