Problem with rooting 1.11s

I’ve justbgot the 1.11s update and I can’t root my phone for some reason. I am using Magisk 26.1 and I’ve been rooting every other version the same way (download recovery, patch it through Magisk and then fastoob flash it) this time however everything works ok but there is no root to be found.

Am i doing something wrong or is there a better way to do this?
Using OnePlus 6t

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Why don’t you just download an OTA, install it, but before rebooting start Magisk and choose ‘install’ / ‘install in inactive slot’ and then just reboot? Or is the 6T not an A/B device? On my OP7pro and OP9 this works perfectly.

it is an A/B device, but unfortunately I’ll ask you to elaborate a bit. You mean to download the stock Oxygen rom or is there a different approach to rooting that I’m not familiar with?

Hi Pete, I’m not an expert when it comes TO rooting, more like a long term user.

So on my OnePlus-devices I proceeded as follows (presuming you have /e/ running already). When I take an OTA, I download it, and just let it install. After that DO NOT REBOOT, but open the Magisk Manager.

Then choose ‘install’ / ‘install in inactive slot’ and THEN reboot. In that case Magisk does the Magic and patches boot etc.

Should you NOT have Magisk in place, then you can just sideload the! This is the same file as the Magisk.apk, just rename to and flash it.

I hope this make things clear, if not, just reply!