Problem with search function in Aurora

Lately I am having this problem with search function in Aurora. When I try to search it gives me this error message.

Any help is appreciated.

Have a good day!

Google rate limited anonymous accounts accessing the Play Store, searching should work using your Google account to log in (if you have one), but of course you wouldn’t be anonymous to Google then.

"Aurora Store can log you in with a dummy (anonymous) account that is stored in the token dispenser so that nothing gets linked to your own account.

However, it is recommended to use your own Google account, or at the very least a throwaway one which you will not have to worry about if it gets banned. This ensures better stability and gives you the full potential with the features available in Aurora Store."

Here’s a suggestion of a workaround (I didn’t try yet) …

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Thank you for your quick response. You mean Google changed their policies recently because before it was not a problem?

I found this setting. Clicked on market and now the search works again. Is this save to use?


Can’t confirm, I still got the rate limited message. Perhaps you were lucky, rate limited means it should work for somebody out there sometimes.

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