Problem with TrackerControl?


I did spot a problem with this excellent app. A file app I use, started showing ads after an update. I checked TC and internet access was still set to off, so how could it get goggle ads? I checked in phone settings and the app had been using internet data. I turned of WiFi and cell there, and no adverts.

Being a file app for security I didn’t want net access.

The app is -

Is this a problem with TC, or has the app found a way round TC?

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From what I can see in the requested permissions, the app requires full network access, so TC should detect it. Maybe the permission was requested after your first install in an update and TC did not refresh the permissions. You could try to reinstall the file manager to make sure TC read the permissions correctly.

Anyways, sounds like a bug so you should report it to TC devs if possible!

Thanks. Have sent an email to Konrad.

Konrad’s response

Really good question. What Google Ads is able to do is use the

Google Play Services to load ads from the web. This is a separate
app, and not blocked by default because it can break stuff.

To which I replied

Thanks for the reply, so even though apps are marked as Internet Access

off, they can get information from Google Play Services.

So my data in my files is safe as no data leaks out when internet access
in TC is turned off?

Konrad’s reply

This is correct, and a disappointing limitation of Android.

Apps can exchange information with other apps, and thereby circumvent
the permission system.

So, from my experience if you don’t want an app to have internet access don’t rely on TC setting Internet Access off, turn off internet access in phone settings.

The worrying thing is apps sharing data and then your private data going on line via another app that has internet access.

So, where can I store documents on my phone that are totally secure?