Problems to update applications

Hello all,

I’m having trouble updating my apps on the eFoundation app store while it works perfectly on F-Droid apps. It’s been lasting for several months.
The apps I can’t update include F-Droid, Signal, Discord, WhatsApp, TousAntiCovid… Whether I select them one by one or press update all, the first remains at 0% until it stops trying.

I have a Samsung S7 with Android 7.1.2 and version 0.16-20210422111921.
My wifi works perfectly, I can use 4G to use my apps but it doesn’t help to update them.

What should I do ?
Thanks by advance.


please have a look at:

I’ve seen this issue on my device (S9) only related to the F-Droid app.
But it seems to be device/platform specific and even more apps are affected on other devices, like you reported.

@Manoj Any news…?


Thanks for your answer. Indeed, it seems quite similar to my problem.

There are some major updates planned for the default /e/ app store in v0.17. We will be starting testing the changes soon. Updates on the progress will be available here.


I had the same problem and it was linked to F-droid. I could update all the other apps one by one if I started by any of them but F-droid.
I solved the problem by uninstalling F-droid, going to their website (, download the app from there and install it.
Now everything works as expected.
Hope it helps.