Problems with 1+ 3 and 1+ 3T, Contacts issues, and forgotten e.emall password, et al!

I’ve managed to install e.OS onto a 1+ 3 and my current 1+ 3T. However, having some issues. First one is trying to lock the bootloader after installing - I get the fastboot option on every boot, followed by the 1+ screen before the e with the bouncing ball so any help appreciated. The other issue is I should have made a note of my password when setting up my account as I have forgotten it. When I try to add a Contact it states that there is no app to installed to enable this when launching Contacts. I get regular crash of Bliss launcher at boot. The email server that is detailed on the phone does not reflect the portal address and when I tried to set it up in the pre-built mail client all that is optional is manual not autosetup. When I asked a family member to ring me as their details somehow not present on the backed up .vcf file the phone rings but no record is kept in call history. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Just thought I would update - as I could not progress any further, soft-bricking the phone I have had to adb sideload the April 2021 OTA (Oxygen) scheme (Official One Plus). I will keep eOS on the 1+ 3 and use it for route-finding - Magic Earth is far superior to Google Maps in every possible way I can think of.
Such a shame I can’t use the phone as a phone for calls and texts. When the bugs have been ironed out I’ll come back. You can close this thread.