Problems with my Motorola E Condor


suddenly since a few days my Motorola E Condor doesn’t start up any more.
The system boots up but after I have to connect the dots at login only the e-foundation logo is shown animated and nothing else happens any more for even hours. Sometimes if I am reacting very quick, I can connect the dots and then there is the menu for choosing my language (from setup assistant?). But then the screen turns black and the logo is shown again. In this situation I cannot do anything with adb. What can I do to run it again?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards

Can you still get into recovery mode? There you could try a wipe and/or reinstall the OS e.g. from an SD card. Wiping will of course get rid of your data, so hopefully you have a recent backup.

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That was my first idea. But I don’t know how to get in recovery mode without adb/fastboot.

Usually you get there by starting the phone while pressing a certain combination of buttons. Here on my Fairphone it’s Power + Vol+.
According to a quick websearch you need to also press Vol- on your phone.

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Yes, you are right. If I press volume down for a few seconds and then power I get into so called AP Fastboot Flash Mode. There is a menu which has the following options:

  • Normal Powerup
  • Recovery
  • Factory
  • Barcodes
  • BP Tools
  • QCOM

Neither Recovery nor Factory changes anything.

While connecting to my PC transfer mode changes to: USB connected. This seems ok. Unfortunately I cannot find my device by adb.

After 12th selection of “Recovery” my phone get into a submenu and is connected as usb device with my PC. I have been able to send the newest image and now it is installing :slight_smile:

It seems to work again now :smile:


Great. :slight_smile: