Prompt about certificate for

After an upgrade to a version from 2019-05-18 (nougat, my device is an osprey), I was prompted about the certificate for and its hashes. Is this normal? If so, where are the correct hashes for comparison? I accepted the certificate, but now I receive many 405 errors from the “account manager” on the phone.

I updated yesterday (GT-I9300) and have the same prompt today. I don’t know if I should accept or reject as I too have no idea what the correct hashes are.

weird, nothing on my device (oreo)

@vlag24 Are you using an eelo account on the phone? If not, this would explain why you don’t see any prompts.

yes I use my eelo account on my device with the default email app

It was mentioned on one of the Telegram channels earlier that a restart will fix it.

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Same here, restart fixed it.

Thanks for the advice. A restart worked for me, too.