Public WiFi sign in problem

Hey guys, I did it! Now typing this on my new Samsung S9, degoogled. I did it without causing any smoke to come out of either the laptop or the phone too!

But I am having problems signing in to public WiFi. Like at my coffee shop. It’s one of those open networks that require you to accept their terms in your browser.

The phone connects to it, but nothing happens. I am not offered to open a browser to sign in and accept. How do I solve this?

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I had this, I could get the “accept” url from the management of the establishment. You can then bookmark it, subsequent visits it mostly worked. It is possible some permissions can be relaxed, depends if it happens on all public wifi or just a few, perhaps.

That wouldn’t work for me most of the time. I tend to use various free WiFi networks all the time without even going into the shop. is likely involved.

Found on your device in Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > 3 dot menu > Show system > CaptivePortalLogin. Maybe you can relax its permissions. Speculation maybe Googles little helpers like to get involved sometimes.

Okay. I found it, enabled all notifications, and all permission for it. But it did nothing. So I thought I would try to force close it. So maybe a restart of it would help. It didn’t help.
In fact it won’t restart now. :frowning:

I am curious, what won’t restart? Seems you learnt that Force close a System app can be problematic. Worth remembering that is one of the reasons system apps are often hidden or protected.

Are you using a VPN by chance? Or tracker control? I have found that in Hotels I have to turn off my VPN, connect to the WiFi using their sign in method, and then turn my VPN back on. Its a bit annoying since this is when I most want to be using a VPN but it works

I don’t why or how, but the problem fixed itself. I now can log on to public WiFi without problems.
Or maybe my good old repair method of throwing my phone across the room finally paid off? :grinning:

And yeah, I use a VPN. It’s never been a problem in the past with my other phones.

Maybe next time, instead of turning off the VPN, try to switch servers. Sometimes some ISPs and sites will block a certain server’s IP address.