Purchased extra paid storage includes existing 5Gb?


I’ve purchased extra ecloud storage, but I was surprised to find that the purchased storage includes the 5Gb free amount provided?

So if I pay & buy 20Gb extra storage, I end up with 20Gb?

And not my existing 5Gb storage plus 20Gb - ie 25Gb.

Is that right?



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As far as I know, the generous opening offer is 1GB FREE!

Here is the page offering the upgrade https://esolutions.shop/ecloud-subscriptions/

So, if you buy 20GB, you get 20GB :slight_smile:

The process is the same as for all cloud options. For example, you get 15 GB free on Google Drive but when you buy 100 GB storage you get 100 GB only, not 100 + 15 = 115 GB. When the subscription ends the storage lapses back to the initial size.

OK, if that’s the case, fair enough, but it even if it is ‘industry standard’, it comes across as disingenuous.



When I go to that link, I get this message: "In order to purchase a storage plan, you need to access this page by clicking on the increase storage button on your ecloud.global account ", but where is that buttom? I have looked everywhere in the settings and more that I can think off.

When I log in to https://ecloud.global, and go to the Files App, I see it bottom left below Deleted files and above Settings.