Push notification not working on S9+

Hallo all,
On my S9 + (bought pre-installed from e) push notification work only for the native e-mail, whatsapp and telegram. For other application (e.g: Outlook, Twitter) push notification do no work at all (already enabled notification, already siwtched all the app to “not optimized” battery).

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You may test the whole notification framework with com.firstrowria.pushnotificationtester (I found it with Aurora Store).


could you please send a screenshot of the screen in Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging (while you are connected to the internet) ?

I suspect you see “Current state : Disconnected” instead of “Current state : Connected”.

If it’s the case, open Phone and dial this code : *#*#2432546#*#*

Go back in MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging, and apps listed will receive notifications. You may have to reinstall apps that need notifications for them to be listed.

What does dialing this phone number do?

Normally it’s supposed to force the checking of a system update, but it solves the “Disconnected” issue and we don’t know why.

For one app (don’t remember which one), I had to enable “Confirm new app” in Google Cloud Messaging advanced settings, to have it registered at installation time.

…you are right: in this moment is “disconnected”. I’ll dial the code and check result. Thanks

…dialed the code but, till now, no results

Same here, I’m still disconnected.

This trick has always worked. Have you enabled “Device Registration” in Settings > MicroG > Device Registration ?

Or you could go into Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > microG Gms Core" > Storage > CLEAR STORAGE. Then don’t modify any setting in MicroG. If it’s still Disconnected, close MicroG, enter the code again and see.

…I did the the second way you indicated (settings, etc. etc. “clear storage”). Now “current state” is “connected”. Let me ask you: does this mean that now I am in some way registered with google ? Thanks

Yes, to be able to have notifications for applications using the Google infrastructure for notifications, MicroG is needed to make the link between the app and Google. Hopefully only what is necessary is sent to Google.

…clear. Thanks.
PS: is there any possibility to know in advance if one application use google infrastructure ?

with the /e/apps-store, with aurora-store, or with exodus or xprivacy
You may block it with details with TracherControl

I tried the workaround (clear cache, dial phone number) and it seemed to work, but not for the shelter-version. Is it relevant for apps i run in the work profile?

If the work profile is only opened when you need it, you don’t need the MicroG registration since you won’t receive notifications anyway.

But if your work profile is always on and you want to receive notifications of apps inside it, then yes you have to find a workaround to register the app in the MicroG of the work profile.

Those mentioned above should work, but of course you have to apply them in the work profile.

It works, thanks a lot