QualPwn threatens Qualcomm Snapdragon chips

An exploit in Qualcomm’s chips could let an attacker compromise your phone, but it’s been fixed in the latest Android Security Patch …

What is QualPwn?

Besides being a funny name, QualPwn describes a vulnerability in Qualcomm chips that would allow an attacker to compromise a phone via the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) and cell Modem remotely. The Qualcomm platform is protected by Secure Boot, but QualPwn defeats Secure Boot and gives an attacker access to the modem so that debugging tools can be loaded and the baseband can be controlled.

Once that happens, it’s possible an attacker can exploit the kernel that Android runs atop of and gain elevated privileges — they can have access to your personal data.
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For /e/ : Usually our security patches come in during the second half of the month, we will try to get it out at the earliest possible.