Questions about Aurora Store

I just purchased a deGoogled Galaxy S9 that should arrive in the coming days. I’m very excited to have a device that respects my privacy and seems to be free of much of the bloat the plagues current Android phones!
At first glance, it seems that most apps I make regular use of are available natively on /e/, and I’ve been assured by the support team that any missing apps (banking mostly, as well as a health screen my employer forces me to complete each day and a few others that I wouldn’t miss until I needed them) can be obtained via the Aurora Store.
I just wanted to ensure that nothing negative can come from this workaround. I’ve seen from my research that I should prevent Aurora from updating any preinstalled apps. Is there anything else I should know? Is there any chance that using Aurora defeats the purpose of /e/ (for example, could Google use Aurora as a backdoor into the device)?
Looking forward to using this phone, just want to make sure I understand it all.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I have the S9+ eOS10 (Q) and love it, after iPhone 1 through 10(X) and I will never be going back. Welcome to the eOS family :slight_smile:

Your above comments sound correct to me. As for Aurora Store, when you first login, just choose the option to use “anonymously” (or something similar from memory). I would also say that I consider which apps I install based on their “permissions and tracking” level. Some apps I wanted were very bad re trackers, so I chose NOT to use them. Rather, I use their website as an option and save it as an icon (looks just like an installed app icon). This was for a weather radar app, so a good option. Banking apps I just accepted and use for my convenience. I also use ProtonVPN, and they just recently added a new feature which INCLUDES an option to block trackers :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I had forgotten Proton had that capability! Lucky me!
I haven’t used any custom Android versions since Cyanogenmod, when I lived in the EU and compatibile phones were easier to come by. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!