Questions about nextcloud

When i read through this forum i see nextcloud everywhere. But when i look for prices i dont see any info about that on the nextcloud website.
Atm i use you get 5gb for free and it has 0 trackers. But now im curious about nextcloud.
Is it so much beter than sync? What i miss in sync that it doesnt auto renew a file. My keepass database wont get auto updated in
I read that nextcloud does this actually but i also read that this is a cloud for 50+ users. So my question is ,where can i find prices for individual users.

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You will find Nextcloud providers here.

Click on “change provider” under the first (and only) proposition to see other providers.

There are providers with free plans, they are based in different countries and each have slightly different price models.

Thank u. Which provider is most used here?
I need it to automatically update my keepassdx database, auto upload pictures & video’s and documents like PDF. I found webohosting interesting because of the 5gb u get for free but it hasnt the picture icon. So i guess u cant upload pics? Sounds stupid but u never know. What about tabdigital?

I have chosen for the provider with the most free storage,8gb. They also have a paid plan with 128gb. Which is Nice. But now im in nextcloud,trying to sync my documents but the map doesnt show up in nextcloud. There is a documents directory in nextcloud but it only shows documentation from nextcloud.
When i go to automatic uploads i dont see my documents directory.

I try to manually add a directory from my internal storage but i cant continue. The button to actually add it is grey. So cant click it


I would like to ask ,u have marked some text of my previous post in green. Why?

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I have been using the free account at for several years, before I discovered /e/. I was planning to move ti their paid ‘Pro’ product if I ever ran out of space. They are based in Oslo, Norway and data stored on our infrastructure is subject to EU data protection laws and rights.

Now I also pay /e/ for up to 25GB (I think) on their server, which is also running (a possibly forked version of) NextCloud. I would recommend both of them, but if I was starting now I would probably stick with /e/. sure is interesting because of the plans they offer but it has no encryption (yet)
I would just feel beter when it has. The ideal plan for me would be with plans made specially for a phone. 16gb,32,128,256… With auto and realtime upload. Also my keepass database is important. Ill take a look at owndrive.