Questions after first /e/ installation


I installed my first e OS Version on my old Moto device.

There is no build in root manager?

If I install Magisk, I need to reinstall Magisk on any update?
The current installation requires an boot.img modification.

Where are Apps coming from in the build in App store?
On the webside info . cleanapk . org is practically no information who is behind this side.

Signal is listed, but not available on f-droid ony on the official webside or playstore!

Netguard is listed, but why is the developer unknown, he is well known. Maybe not an official build?

Thank you

Hello @kevi and welcome.

I can help with the Signal and Netguard questions: 1) Use Aurora Store to get Signal and 2) That is the correct developer of Netguard.

Hope that helps and good luck!

eOS does not provide rooted versions, as that is a breach of the device’s security.

If you want to get root, you can always get it with Magisk, just like you can get it with any Custom or Official ROM. But that has nothing to do with eOS as well as the procedures to get root.

However, I will tell you about the process of rooting with Magisk. You have 2 options, or flash from a Custom recovery, such as TWRP, the Magisk ZIP; or with the Magisk App you patch the BOOT of the firmware/ROM you have installed (that BOOT.IMG can be extracted from the device itself or from the original file of the Firmware/ROM, either ZIP, TGZ, etc …), and the ‘magisk_patched.img’ that is generated, you flash it later. However, each device has its own particularities about some steps/details of the process.

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