Radio France - Podcast & Direct CRASH



i have a problem with the application “Radio France - podcasts & direct radio”. Installation is ok (with apk from raccoon and apkpure), but, when i start the app, it’s crash.

Someone has tested this app ?

LeEco L2 , System version : 0.1-201901032430 (same problem with the old builds)



Same problem for me on FP2.

Même problème que sur un FP2.


@TheMajorTom @Pragmethik have you faced this issue while using Radio France app on LineageOs4MicroG ROM? Just wanted to confirm if this is a MicroG issue. You could raise an issue under with logcat’s to help the team debug the issue.


Probably similar to:


Yup it seems to be the same problem.


Installed it from /e/ app store and it does crash.
Pitty to have non /e/ compatible on the store.
Can be a trouble for non beta users…


Another great example of how to NOT leave G. 25 trackers. Could this be the record high?! Thanks to /e/ for saving people from themselves. :smiley:


There was a previous discussion on this also with a few findings that may or may not be the reason for the crashes.

The microG dev, mar-v-in, has been working on all kinds of fixes and bugs. Looks like an update is on the horizon. microG test builds are now available for testing. I may setup another ROM with it and retest the France media apps and see how it goes. Glad I have a day off tomorrow.


I mentioned I was going to test the France radio apps with the microG test builds that were out. Due to signature mismatch I assumed those builds were installable only over the NanoDroid patched microG where the French apps worked anyway.

Well, some good news is definitely here. After a really long wait, microG has been officially updated to 0.2.7. So I setup a fresh ROM to test (crDroid Nougat) using 0.2.6. Reconfirmed that the Radio France apps do crash.
Latest microG is supposed to be available via F-Droid but the store says the signatures don’t match. No prob. I manually replaced the old GmsCore with the new and made sure all was good.
Then tested three of the Radio France apps (Fip, Inter, and Radio). They all started up and ran just fine.

Since microG 0.2.7 is official and fixes a number of issues (including the login issues when using webview v74+) there’s no doubt it’ll make its way into Lineage_microG, /e/, and various microG installers.


Remember when you could simply turn on a radio and listen, it just worked without buying expensive devices or bandwidth, and batteries lasted forever?! :smiley: I’m glad some phones still have FM radios. The cost of time-shifting podcasts on phones is too high, even if “free.”


Yes, but Radio France app is the only way to have the podcasts from radio france channels…