Random system UI reboots/crashes on FP3

Hi there,

I’m using /e/ on my FP3 for about a month now and I’m generally pretty happy.
But I have these apparently random UI reboots.
They occur sometimes when I’m about to unlock my phone and I realize the Fingerprint sensor is not reacting or pressing the power button takes unusually long until the screen lights up. Sometimes it happens while I’m reciving a phone call or during a phone call.
I am then greeted with the message: “Unlock for all features and data” and “PIN required after device restarts”. But it was not a complete restart, at least it only takes a couple of seconds to show up after the phone call was stopped. But no error message appears.

I was trying to track the issue with alogcat (I sideloaded Magisk) but I couldn’t figure out how to see the log before the crash.
It seems that these crashes occur more frequently when there is a known Wi-Fi network (in my office or at home).
I don’t use any invasive apps with root access besides AdAway.

Does anybody have any ideas what might cause these crashes or how I could track the issue down?


Sounds odd. The internet has this here, though …

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Thanks! Sorry I forgot to look it up as I thought it must be an /e/ FP3 issue…
The option was active (automatic), I deactivated it and I will see if it happens again.
But now my DNS request are not encrypted anymore as I understand it. Isn’t that a privacy issue? Maybe I should set up a specific DNS.

edit: The issue still exists after changing the setting! Any other suggestions?? It’s getting really annoying when every other phone call is interrupted by those reboots.

I have the same issue. Also using an FP3 with preinstalled /e/. It seems it is more often happening while or after using Magical Earth.

Someone knows of a reason or a solution? I could try stop using Magical Earth but I’d rather not since it is good.

What software version do you have installed?

Magic Earth
/e/OS 0.9-2020070161106

The issue resolved for me after a complete system reset. I then also reinstalled Magisk. After installing Magisk I did a data reset as recommended. I may have forgotten that the first time which might have been the cause. I have 4G connection problems since the last update, but that’s another story.

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