Read the article about /e/ on ZDNet

Great article in ZDNet today: “The /e/ Google-free, pro-privacy Android clone is now available” :blush:


The article mentions that refurbished phones will soon be available in Australia/New Zealand. Is there an estimated date for when that will happen?

No ETA’s available at present. We will come out with an announcement when we have firm dates from local vendors.

Great article! Been in contact with Steven for years now and immediately commended him and then had to defend the article from naysayers on FB.

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Now also on slashdot:

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Well, it’s great when the interested public reads this article. But it doesn’t differ much from other articles of the past - for example in /e/ is in the news

If it succeeds in implementing the e-manifesto and publishing a 100% google-free version 1.0 at the Mobile World Congress in February 2020 in Barcelona, that would promote a very image.

With all the anticipation we should not forget the maintainers of LinageOS + microG and also support them.