Receive APK file via BT eOS based on Pie


could anyone, who has eOS based on Pie, check if it’s possible to receive any APK file via Bluetooth from other phone?

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I tried, but I couldn’t find the bluetooth entry on the sharing list.

I think that it has to be done via a third party app

I can confirm, Bluetooth file sharing is kind of limited …
I use ftp server from Mixplorer (on Wifi of course)

If you zip (compress) the apk you can share it via Bluetooth

Nice to know. But how to zip it ?

Edit: it suffices to rename from .apk to .PDF, then you can transfer it via BT.

Thank you Guys for testing it for me. I use phone with eOS based on Nougat and have no problem receiving APK file via Bluetooth. I tried newer versions of Lineage 16.1, 17.1 and it’s been limited. What is interesting when using MIUI based on Pie on a different device it seems that it hasn’t been limited, so maybe Lineage change something or Xiaomi did something with it. I have no chance to check it on a pure Android Pie.
Actually, for me and one developer newer versions of Android reduces user experience. I’ve been on a journey and eventually came back to Nougat, as maybe it seems a bit harsh regarding design and have some weird solutions, but it’s pretty stable Build, at least for my device. Friendly developer said that regarding Qualcomm processors Oreo has the best overall performance, although the performance really decreases regarding Pie or Q.
I was thinking about buying a new phone to get Pie version, but this test and others tested by me actually set me free :-)))))))))

Those are rather subjective observations and mightn’t be the most professional ones…

Most file managers have this functionality. In the three dots menu you may have a look.

or install ZArchiver…or rename it as you already done :sweat_smile:

OK. I overlooked the “compress” option.

Zarchiver. I’ve always struggled with its interface. Never succeeded to use it easily

As an alternative, you can also try an OTG USB cable.

If apks get compressed, they are a bit smaller, thus faster transferred. I use this to update apks on other phones connected to cellular connection only.
Apk Extractor (f-droid, Apk Extractor (Get APK files from installed apps) - is of great help to get the apks from my phone.

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On /e/ Pie, with a third party file manager I can select the .apk file, click on share, select Bluetooth and share the file to a LineageOS Nougat phone.
Both phones need to be paired.

With Nougat there is no issue about it. Try receive APK file on Pie?

Just a note on BT and zip files.
On v011-pie you can’t send two zip files at once, but only one at time.

It’s a feature, bug, or I have to report it as an improvement on gitlab ?