Recommendations for camera apps for Redmi 8T

Hi all,

I recently got myself an 8T and I’m happily running /e/ on it now. I only have one wee gripe and that is the camera app. Whilst I had to wait a week to unlock the bootloader, the photos I was taking with the MIUI camera app were incredible, especially considering that this is a budget phone. Alas, Open Camera doesn’t really come close to replicating that. And I know a project like Open Camera will never have the same resources and I really appreciate the work, but has anyone found anything that maximises the 8Ts hardware?


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Hi @le_trnsptr you could check out

Study of this may help you learn if you have all the vendor files.

On my Redmi Note 9, Simple camera seemed an improvement at one time. I now have Open Camera 1.48.3 this was a noticeable improvement on 1.48.1 :slight_smile:

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that looks ideal, thanks!

The installation instructions don’t mention vendor files, have I missed something?

When it says “flash using Magisk Manager” can I just do this through TWRP?

Thanks again!

Maybe that does not arise until you start to troubleshoot 48MP, this link, Home · nckmml/ANXCamera Wiki · GitHub, suggests Ginko does not yet have written 48MP support.

When it says “flash using Magisk Manager” can I just do this through TWRP?

I won’t comment on, the instructions for the latest version are different from some older tutorials, but yes TWRP is involved, the rooting job is not to be underestimated if you did not do it before!

Edit. I never got 48MP working, Open camera does now produce 12 MP images for me. You might check out ideas about ANX and the vendor files in this thread [UnOfficial Build] Q | Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 series | MIATOLL (curtana, joyeuse, excalibur, gram)