Recorder issues

Some issues with the /e/ Recorder app.

  1. It should really be shown somewhere (under a settings- or help-button or so) where the files are saved and how to play them. This is not intuitive.
    ( Locations are
    \Internal storage\Music\SoundRecords\ . Play in the Music app: Album = SoundRecords
    \Internal storage\Movies\ScreenRecords\ .

  2. When playing back the recordings in the Music app, the order is NOT the order that the sounds were recorded. That is unpractical. Strangely, in the Album, they do show in the order that they were recorded (because of the name with date system), but they play in a random order.
    Can maybe be solved by putting the file-name in the audio-tag Track.

  3. I have -say- 10 recordings. Now I make a new recording. I can play that new recording from the Recorder app. But the track does not show up in the Music album. At least not immediately. Why? This is not handy.
    (The recording does show up immediately in the Files app though. And a restart of the phone makes the new recordings to show in the Music app.)

  4. Personally I don’t like the “design” design, I prefer just functional and intuitive. (And then a little design to make it look aesthetic.)

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