Redmi Go on /e/ Cheapest possible phone - 'tiare'

I know this is definitely not for everyone but would there be a possibility to port the Redmi Go (Snapdragon 425, €55) to /e/? The reason why I am asking is that I am very curious about this project, but my current phone (Mediatek) is not supported, and very likely wont be supported. I am willing to purchase a new phone to regain my privacy but preferably against a low price. Of course this could make the barrier for newcomers a bit lower. Just wondering if there are any possibilities to realize this, I would also fully understand if this is is not the plan for /e/.

Anyway thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

Edit: I saw that Lineage Os 15.1 gsi could run on this device. I’m not an engineer myself but maybe it helps.



Of course you can try GSI builds, anyway there’s some -maybe interesting- (re)sources:


Happy building !