Redmi Note 4 speaker is buggy

Hi all,

I have the latest updated e/OS installed on my Mi note 4.
Current update installed is 0.12-2020100176273.
Android version : 7.1.2
Android security patch level : 5 Aug 2020
LineageOS API level : Gauva (7)

Today suddenly, I noticed that the speakers no longer work when trying to play music using the Music app, in-game sound also not working. In-call speaker works but ear-side speaker does not work.

But when I plug in the ear-phones, then I can hear all the music and sound from the music app and games.

Here is the strange part. With the music app on and some music playing the speaker is not producing any sound, now with Music app ON, I navigate to Settings > Sound and just slide the Alarm volume or the Ring volume a little and now I can hear the music from the speakers playing from the Music app.
But as soon as I close the setting app and navigate to the music app window, the music again stops playing. So I need to go to sound settings and move the alarm/ring slider to hear sound from speakers momentarily. But in-call speaker works without issues always only the ear-side speaker does not work.

Can some help solve this?
I had installed the mentioned update a week back and have not faced any problems until today. I don’t recall any specific action on my part that triggered this behavior. I have updated all apps and restarted the phone several times without any success.


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The speakers are now working fine. The only thing I did was, I blacklisted some system apps in the Aurora store. But I am not sure that is what corrected the issue. But it has been working fine since then.