Redmi Note 5 pro - Camera not working and Sim card not getting detected

I just flashed my Redmi Note 5 pro with /e/ 0.7-o-2019072417807-dev-whyred
Booted fine.
But I am not able to use the camera - Camera ID not found
And Sim card is also not getting detected. I tried both the slots.

Please help! Thank you!

I think you flash /e/ from pie stock, you need fisrt flash latest oreo stock then flash /e/ rom.

firmware issues

No, it is Oreo stock I believe. Hence the 0.7-o-

To put the question is a different way- have you flashed any Pie ROM on you phone previously. There are issues similar to what you describe that occur when you try to flash Oreo on top of a device which has Pie firmware.

No. I bought this phones recently just to try /e/. This is the first ROM I flashed.

What OS was the Stock ROM - which version of MiUI

The stock OS was MIUI 10. I believe it was based on Oreo and not Pie.

I have the same problem, no camera and sim card not detected.

I was on the latest MIUI 10 until today

hello, well all is working great on my redmi note 5 pro from start BUT I never ever installed MIUI 10, I came from MIUI 9 to directly /e/ oreo… maybe that’s the catch…

I had to flash to MIUI back : i tried e, lineage os with micro g and none of those OS were able to find my SIM card.

When MIUI10 was back, SIM detection was OK and i look at my android version : it is Pie.

Is there a e version with Pie firmware compatible ?

you can flash latest oreo Miui with fastboot and then flash official /e/ (ota updates availiable) or try pie unnoficial build (no ota updates availiable) A Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro "whyred"

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you can flash latest oreo Miui with fastboot and then flash official /e/ (ota updates availiable)

i’ll try this.
Does anyone tried ? I’m not an expert but i don’t understand how it’ll work

how you flash miui after /e/?

The same way i flash /e/ after miui 10

ok so just flash miui oreo after miui pie same way you flash /e/ if you cant flash via fastboot.

For those who have the same problem : DON’T DO THAT !!! I just brick my phone …
When i was looking for solving the brick problem i found a forum post that saying xiaomi equiped their phone with antidowngrade “functions” and put oreo instead of native pie is not so easy.

It seems that there is an unbrick procedure and i will try it but it’s more difficult than
1- boot in recovery
2- wipe Datas
3- flash with the new ROM

I am owner of whyred, Redmi Note 5 Global Version and never had any problems becuse all Miui 10 no mater oreo or pie have arb4 only some old miui 9 have arb3, so maybe you flash wrong firmware or you have Chinese version or Indian which has Pro in it name.

I’m having exactly this issue, coming from latest MIUI 10 Pie, I can’t use neither mobile network nor camera

because you need flash latest oreo first, different firmwares.

Hmm, yeah, I understand, but Xiaomi has a Anti-Roll Back Protection, so is not that easy, besides, I don’t know where to find an original and trustable old version, so I prefer waiting a Pie build of /e/ or flashing normal Lineage OS. Or I don’t have much experience building but I may could try building an unofficial build of /e/ Pie.