Redmi note 8 installation abd sideload help!

Hey everyone!

I am having some trouble installing my /e/ os. I’ve followed the guidelines of this link :

I unlocked my bootloader and booted a custom recovery using fastboot. But I can’t manage to install /e/ from recovery.

I rebooted my phone with the buttons and arrived on the /e/ recovery mode, so everything’s fine I guess. The problem arises when I’m supposed to Wipe Data and go to Advanced/ADB Sideload. These options are not offered by the /e/ recovery mode.

I am guessing the problem comes from the .img I booted because the examples shown (twrp) does not look anything like the .img offered by the website ( recovery-e-0.16-q-20210424112062-dev-ginkgo.img).

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much,

Hi Anna,

If you have booted e-Recovery, then you are good to go. It’s slightly different to twrp recovery (fewer options) but it will do the job just as well.

Select Factory reset and follow the prompts. This will format data as well. Then make a selection to do the sideloading on the eOS zip.

I can’t remember the exact steps but I think I posted them somewhere; I’ll have a search.

The main thing with the e-recovery is to be patient when it is sideloading; it feels like nothing is happening, but don’t worry it is, and the screen will change slightly as it completes.

Here’s the description of installing with e-recovery:

On Phone navigate to ‘Factory Reset’ and press to confirm.

This will take you to another screen to confirm you want to ‘Factory reset and Format Data’ etc. Do that also and the device is now wiped.

Navigate to ‘Apply update’ and select. Select also ‘Apply from ADB’.

The recovery screen should now show a small message at the bottom: ‘Now send the package you want to apply…’ etc.

On the computer type the command:

adb sideload <>

Terminal output should show that the zip is being served to the phone. Normally it goes to ~47% and then it may feel like nothing is happening, but just wait.

There will be some output on the bottom of the phone recovery screen: ‘step1’ followed by ‘step 2’. Again it might feel like nothing is happening, but just wait… When the zip file is completely loaded the recovery screen changes and you will see that you have an option to ‘Reboot system now’

At this point you can unplug phone and select ‘Reboot system now’


Thank you very much! It all went smoothly :slight_smile:

Excellent! :grinning: