Redmi Note 9s: Accessing the 48MP camera?

Hi friends :slight_smile:
I installed the latest e-0.18-r-20211017141319-dev-miatoll on my Redmi Note 9s (global). Only issue is: I noticed that neither openCamera nor GCam 8.2 appear to be able to access the 48MP camera. Any time I take a picture, the maximum resolution is 4000x3000px, while the camera in theory is capable of taking 8000x6000px pictures.

Any pointers? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about Redmi Note 9s, but if it can help, I have the same behavior with my Redmi Note 7. The reason is: the sensor is 48, but output is only 12 according to Samsung (lens manufacturer):

I had a Redmi Note 9 and experimented with ANXCamera.

I found it quite good, quite hard work, but never got 48Mp. I glanced briefly at the Samsung presentation above. My interpretation is that it is all done in the software, not the lens. After a while I stopped chasing 48Mp. I noticed with the original ROM the 48Mp images were bright and interesting for very well lit pictures, but unremarkable in normal light in the UK.

Thanks for the input! On the stock MIUI Android you are definitley able to make 48 pics, though.

Thanks! This looked promising at first but I’m at my wits end trying to get it to run. I even set up my phone entireley anew but the application just fails to run when launching it.

I think you would have have a bit of an attitude to crack it! You found the wiki? Home · nckmml/ANXCamera Wiki · GitHub I don’t see that I kept any notes. I remember cruising the Telegram channel. It was be very difficult to decide which version to install and I tried several! - it would be wrong to guess at the version I used, but it was not intuitive! :slight_smile:

There is always Simple Camera from

Yes, I saw the Wiki and followed all the instructions precisely. My solution right now is to just accept that I won’t have full camera functionality and I discovered that trCamera appears to have the most functions Google Camera Port: tigr apks

Camera app in stock rom allows you to take photos in highest resolution only if you disable all AI functions as far as I know. At least that is how it was on my device which is note 8.
I guess you can still take photos at 48mp if you disable every AI things. But i think photos taken with ai are much better than photos taken without ai.