Remove /e/ account

I helped an acquaintance create a /e account, which she used for a few months and then abandoned. Should we remove the account? If so, I am unable to find guidance on how to do that.

Hi @Brado, please can you send me a PM so that we can discuss this further. Since it involves an account details would not want to discuss this in the public forum

Please let us talk about /e/ user account deletion

Why can’t we talk publicly about closing a /e/ user account (of course without revealing personal user details)?

At Nextcloud you have the possibility to delete the ❷ user under ❶ User.


The menu item ❷ is not available in /e/ Why?

Why do I have to contact an administrator to delete a /e/ user account?

If I want to delete a user account, it is clear that all data will be removed. I don’t need an additional explanation from the customer service about the consequences of closing the account. It should be very simple and transparent …

NB: This reminds me of my Amazon account that I deleted years ago. Here was also the contact with the customer service necessary. The processing took 12 hours and more. If I had registered again within 14 days, the account would have been reactivated.


Hi Manoj,
I would like to delete my account aswell but I don’t know how to send you a pm.


Hi @kazu Look at your pm, I sent you one (well, in 3 minutes :yum: )

Are @archie’s questions still valid? Is there no straightforward way to delete an /e/ account?

The Delete your account facility is not available as yet to users directly. You can add an Issue reg this in Gitlab. Not sure why this feature is not available for users… could save a lot of time for all :slight_smile:

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Hi @kazu to delete your /e/ account

  • please send a mail from your /e/ ID which you want to delete to
  • That is to confirm you own the account.
  • Mention you want the account deleted.
  • Once we receive the mail we will have the account deleted
  • In case you want your account on the forum with all posts also deleted pl let me know and I shall go ahead and do the same


Thanks to #6 @reb77. Without another request from the community, my posting #3 com 07. Nov. 2019 would still have been ignored by /e/ support.

Why do I always have to read the note here in the forum "“You can add an Issue reg this in Gitlab”?

If I read how many entries are “processed” there in an unsatisfactory way, my motivation to register with Gitlab is low. For a topic of general interest it would be easy for a /e/ supporter to enter the problem himself.

@ Manoj’s hint #8 to send an email to to delete a /e/ account should only be a temporary “solution” and for a short time.

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