Remove /e/ account

I helped an acquaintance create a /e account, which she used for a few months and then abandoned. Should we remove the account? If so, I am unable to find guidance on how to do that.

Hi @Brado, please can you send me a PM so that we can discuss this further. Since it involves an account details would not want to discuss this in the public forum

Please let us talk about /e/ user account deletion

Why can’t we talk publicly about closing a /e/ user account (of course without revealing personal user details)?

At Nextcloud you have the possibility to delete the ❷ user under ❶ User.


The menu item ❷ is not available in /e/ Why?

Why do I have to contact an administrator to delete a /e/ user account?

If I want to delete a user account, it is clear that all data will be removed. I don’t need an additional explanation from the customer service about the consequences of closing the account. It should be very simple and transparent …

NB: This reminds me of my Amazon account that I deleted years ago. Here was also the contact with the customer service necessary. The processing took 12 hours and more. If I had registered again within 14 days, the account would have been reactivated.