"Reply to a post" not always working

Hi !

Sometimes, replies to a post don’t get flagged.
It is annoying because it can introduce a doubt in a subject where several members participate.
Also, I don’t think the user will get notified, am I wrong ?

Example :
=> here I have hit the “Reply” button within GS290’s post

=> after sending my post, it won’t get flagged as a direct reply to GS290 :frowning:

=> sometimes it works :

Any clue ?

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Hi @smu44 this won’t show as a reply to you as I hit the reply at the foot of the page! The Reply button with a curl works as we expect only when you use it to reply to a post further up the thread. I made a load of mistakes till I recently found these How replies work on Discourse - Meta - P2PU Course discussion and What happened to the "in reply to" link? - Meta - McNeel Forum. I found the OP here an interesting read Web Discussions: Flat by Design - blog - Coding Horror Discussion

Edit, the notification part I don’t know the answer to, as my notifications seem a little bit random, but I think that is all in my control.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m aware that Reply button at bottom will not be a direct reply to a post, but to the thread.
My problem is, when I hit the Reply button within a post it sometimes appears as a general reply after sending (as if I’ve hit the bottom Reply button).

That’s what happened to this reply :thinking:

I will try to prove you correct by using the Reply within the post now.

I treat it as we always try to reply to the thread as a community conversation, only the reply to a thread in the past requires special attention!

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I agree, this can explain the behavior.

Edit : you are right, thanks ! :+1: :slight_smile:

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Testing a reply for post #2

I took a long time to work this out!

Edit, to try copy you and have your avatar in this reply, by replying to the OP did not happen. I now realise is because “reply to OP” = reply to thread.