Request feature proposal

My feature proposal simply this, can a privileged escalation, be provided, utilising multi factor authentication , that would allow us in cyber security who want to do deep dives, run all the various tools used with monitor mode and root status. I know this adds potential risk. But done right it could be safe, w power comes great responsibility. And can it be implemented in a container? Requiring no rooting by the user? It could be placed as a console within developer functions. That is, where you would exec it. Again it would be for usage of tshark , ss ip, tcpdump airodump-ng nmap, aircrack-ng, etc.

My last request, Iā€™m a bit annoyed when people ask for a google application. I want the best tool for a task not a google feature on my phone,because of familiarity bias. Take DeepL for example, incorrectly claiming google is best game in town. /e is proof that google is a cheap suit who like Microsoft saturates the market w mediocrity," convenience" and ultimatums. Terms Of Use. /e is made by the enlightened for the informed user. Thank you all at /e