Request for fxtec Pro1( X)

fxtec Pro1(-X)

Brand: fxtec
Model: Pro1 and Pro1 X
Codename: pro1
Supported Android versions:
The Pro1 comes with Android 9 pre-installed, The Pro1 X comes with Android 11.

Other ROMs:

Maintained: Yes
Official/Unofficial: Official

Ubuntu Touch (Ubports)
Maintained: Yes
Official/Unofficial: Unofficial / Community (at time of writing, my understanding is to try making it official)


fxtec Pro1 (X) is a modern cellphone with physical keyboard, unlocked bootloader and official LineageOS 18.1 support with nightly updates.
This seem to me to be the ideal phone for this OS, and since the device has official, maintained LineageOS support, getting /e/OS to run on it should be within the realm of possibility.

The differences between the Pro1 and the Pro1 X (that I know of, is the following):
Pro1 is running Snapdragon 835 SoC, Pro1 X is running Snapdragon 662 SoC (Snapdragon 662 Linux mainlining is said to be underway).
Pro1 is running Sony IMX363 main camera sensor, Pro1 X is running Sony IMX586 main camera sensor.

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