Request for Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G850A (edited more info)

I converted a Galaxy S4 to eOS, but then was told it could not be activated on Cell systems because its no longer compatible due to lack of LTE capability. I have a Galaxy Alpha on Red Pocket & At&T network that runs great. This would make a GREAT eOS phone. Any chance this would work with the easy installer for Windows even though its not on any lists?
I’m editing post to include info from settings/about device:
Android version 4.4.4

kernal version 3.4.0-2629325
dpi@SWDD6312 #1
Thu Aug 28 18:03:42 KST 2014

Build Number KTU84P.G850AUCU1ANH8

Hope this helps. Doesn’t mean anything to me!

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Witch model number is your s4 ?

The S4 device model = GT-I9505

But as noted in the original post, I would really prefer to convert my Samsung Alpha. It is a much sexier phone. It already as an AT&T network GSMA SIM activated on a Red Pocket Acct.
The S4 requires I gamble with spending $20 on a SIM on eBay and hoping it would work. I am content to wait and see if anyone can make eOS installable on the Alpha.

On the s4 i9505 with /e/OS the default settings are wrong : go to >Settings >Network & Internet >Mobile Network >Advanced >Preferred Network Type
and choose LTE

I am not interested in the S4. I wish to convert the Alpha.