Request update of microG with EN to v0.2.23.214816 or later

After update to /e/ 0.21 (release jan 24th) and see microG version is
For NZ Covid tracer app, a newer version is needed, I look forward to this in the next release.

A newer version is needed for some apps using the exposure notification features:

Everything should already be fixed on the latest version of microG GmsCore (v0.2.23.214816 or later)
from Granting the permissions required for EN does not work on Android 11 · Issue #1519 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

Confirmed locally:

I updated to the latest version of gms core (v0.2.23.214816) today, bluetooth tracing in the nz covid app and exposure notifications now work! Perfect timing for that omicron rush. From by Exposure Notification + NZ Covid tracer app doesn't work. · Issue #1603 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub


I can confirm that with /e/ OS 0.22 installed, microG version is
The NZ Covid Tracer app bluetooth EN is now working.

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