Restore previously bought app purchases (in-app upgrades)

Hi everyone,

before I moved over to e-os I spent a certain amount of money in Google’s PlayStore to purchase full versions in the particular apps themselves like

  • FairEmail
  • WarnWetter

now these apps say the only way to restore the full functionality is to delete the app, log-in with the related account and download/install the app again - apparently Google manages that in the background - but it doesn’t seem to work with the App Lounge. Btw. I can download apps I paid directly in the Play Store without problems.

Any fixes known for this?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to the app developper website, and download the .APK from there.
  2. if it is not possible, you can try “phonesky” witch is a pached gogol play store, running without gogol play services installed but microG, and support paid apps.
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