Restore the EWS (Exchange 2010+) compatibility with

Hello, everyone,

I know that /e/ is about privacy, and removing all applications using our data is a very good thing. we can install them later if we really need them.
However the removal of compatibility with exchange 2010 and higher (EWS), (compatibility present in lineageos) is a problem for professional use.
There is no real alternative, apart from installing applications with lots of trackers (Outlook for example). And the calendar syncronisation is difficult.

Would it be possible to provide an “” to restore, if desired, the EWS compatibility of lineageOS for professional use?

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We had discussed this issue here. It may not be possible in the near future to add Exchange compatibility . We will keep the option open to take this development up at a later date.

Since ActiceSync is still not supported, there are two apps that could do this on the /e: TypeApp and Nine
Later is in my opinion the better solution. TypeApp was very slow if only on mobile communication networks, even if it was on good LTE reception.
Nine has also only a two trackers.

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