Revolut App support


I’ve seen some message about the Revolut Application. However no clear consensus at the end : can anyone tell me if it is really supported ?

I’m also looking for information about feedly support…

All my other applications come from F-Droid so I think they’ll be ok.

Both revolut and Feedly seems to be working perfectly fine for me. I’m using a OnePlus 5t running /e/ 1.3-R(beta)

Thanks a lot !

I’m interested in buying a fairphone4 (I’m sick of my S21 that has a LOT of bugs).

Is it dependent on the version ? I have seen several versions of /e/OS with versions not clearly explained…

This image shows the versions “device agnostic”. Does this help to make the choices for your device more clear? For Build type see

Oh ! That makes it clear. Thanks.