Revolut - permissions & trackers

So was a bit shocked to see Revolut banking app with a 0/10 Privacy score. Lots of Google and Facebook trackers and tonnes of permissions, including record audio.

It seems like I have to use the app via my phone unfortunately as it needs to be connected to an active phone number.

I have cloned it to shelter for future use but this won’t help much with the tracking especially.

Is there:
a. a way to only allow specific permissions on the app? - I never want it to have access to audio for instance. Is there some way to deny permissions granularly?

b. for the tracking namely
Google Doubleclick
Google Crashlytics
Google Firebase
Facebook login
Facebook places
Facebook share
Google Ads
I have heard of AdAway or Blokada?

Would a PiHole also function to block these too?


Pls use TrackerControl from f-droid. It will block all active trackers

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Thanks @harvey186, I should use it both within the Shelter app, and also the main profile as two separate instances?

Hope to hear more on the permissions issue.

Thanks as ever for your timely help

yes, on both profiles

Yes, but It’s not easy to push your DNS requests to PI-hole from Outside via mobil network

Don’t know what you are meaning. The permissions you can setup for every app in settings/apps/

Re permissions, I was wondering whether you could turn off for instance, an app from ever being able to use your microphone, or your location. Eg I never share my location on whatsapp, and dont ever want it to take my location. So was wondering whether I can turn just that off for Whatsapp.

I downloaded TrackerControl. I notice it wants to setup a local VPN to monitor & block tracker traffic.

Am I not able to use a normal VPN, at the same time as have the TrackerControl app, block tracking? It’s one or the other only?

The only tracker blocker I know is blokada. But I personal don’t like it and a lot users have find trackers which pass blokada. TrackerControl is more effective

As I have written under Settings/Apps you can chace the permissions per App


You can also uninstall WA from main profile and create a short “Contacts” WA-list in Shelter (needs to be unfrozen once, first, and for adding contacts directly from WA…).

@harvey186 you referenced the ‘TrackerControl’ app from the F-droid store in a previous post, - this is what I am referring to

TrackerControl from f-droid is for blocking trackers.

Apps settings are for apps permissions.

I thought you have asked for changing the permissions for example 'microphone '. That’s what I have shown you in the screenshot.

Yes so I have installed Tracker Control. My question then was that it wants to setup a local VPN to block the trackers.

Does this interfere with the Wireguard VPN that I already have setup? Can I only use my Wireguard VPN or the local VPN from TrackerControl?

You only can create one VPN per profile. So if you have wireguard in shelter activated you can’t install TC.

That’s why I have written that blokada will work. It has an inbuild VPN tunnel. I don’t know if that will work with wireguard because I don’t use blokada

Ok but I am okay to use Wireguard in main profile, and Tracker Control in Shelter?

I don’t have any Gulag or Facebook apps I am worried about in the main profile.

The only other thing then - do I need to manually start TrackerControl every time I enter my work profile, for tracker blocking to work?

I will do some research on Blokada.

If you install TC on shelter it will automatic starts when you boot your device. No manual start needed. Only after install

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