REVVLRY Moto G7 plus - screen crash during call issue

Hi, I may be having in issue where the screen crashes when I make a call. When I am making a call the screen will turn off. I can still hear the call and feel the phone vibrate if I take a screenshot with the volume and power button, but the screen is black and tapping on it does nothing. The only way to get out of it is to hold down the power button to force restart the phone.

I installed at the beginning of October but this has happened twice in the past week. The phone is running Lake and is unlocked with magisk. Idk if its the operating system, it could be something I installed since it didn’t start right away. But please chime if if you have experienced something similar.

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(what version are you on?)

best case you’re around a pc/laptop with adb enabled and can run logcat and look at timestamps to narrow it down.